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Yes to… Lots of things! (and a coupon!)

What do YOU always say YES to? What should everyone always say YES to? That’s what I asked the Twittersphere and Facebooksphere this week, inspired by something awesome I got in the mail…

The team at Yes To (Carrots, Grapefruit, etc.) sent me a care package of all kinds of wonderful moisturizing, exfoliating, enhancing things…

In my newest video, I talk about what you guys think we should always say YES to, and open up my new Yes To goodies!

Ooh and GUESS WHAT?! For the month of March, here’s a special coupon so you can get your own Yes To stuff! Go on, say YES More >

Golden Globes 2013

Golden Globes LIVE STREAM!

Tonight, starting at 7pm EST (4pm PST), I will be live streaming the Golden Globe Awards, alongside (aka sitting on the couch next to) TV personality Kayla Harrity and fashion blogger Emily Gaeman! We’ll be wearing fancy dresses, chatting, tweeting, laughing, AND playing the official Golden Globes drinking game (with some cheap champagne…) during the whole awards show!

When we go live, I’ll post the live stream right here, so just come back here at 7PM EST TONIGHT to have some fun with us girls!

See you tonight!

my first trophy ever! (I didn't play many sports when I was younger)

The “Most Likeable Video Blogger” – is me?

I was nominated for a Likeable Award for Most Likeable Video Blogger, in the category with Jenna Marbles, Steve Garfield, and 3 other vloggers, and somehow, thanks to a lot of support from my family, coworkers, and friends, I gathered enough votes to win! I, along with my boss (who was nominated for Most Likeable CEO), and one of my coworkers, Allison, flew to New York City to attend the day-long Likeable U conference, learn about social media marketing, and accept my award. It was a great day, and I, of course, vlogged my award acceptance speech!

my first trophy ever! (I More >


Tweet Me, Maybe

If you’ve seen even 1 of my videos, you probably know I’m a nerd. I love social media. I even do social media for a living!

So it should be no surprise to you that I made a song parody to Call Me, Maybe – called (duh) Tweet Me, Maybe! I recorded and mixed the track, and then enlisted my roommate Chelsea‘s help when it came time to make the video – she was a great sport! I don’t know how I got lucky enough to have a roommate who will not only put up with my crazy video antics, but actually More >

A Cappella Palooza! Interviews with the stars of the Sing-Off

Boloco, the restaurant chain I do social media marketing for, sponsored an awesome event called A Cappella Palooza, which was a concert with the performers of NBC’s The Sing-Off, to fundraise to cure cancer. Not only was it an amazing concert (I definitely got chills multiple times!), but I got to go to the VIP after party, where I mingled with and interviewed many of the night’s singers!

There’s still more interviews from this night that I haven’t edited yet, so keep checking back!