The Official Sochi 2014 Olympics Drinking Game!

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games are going on right now (duh) in Sochi, Russia, and you know I love the Olympics! Since I’m not in Sochi for these ones, I decided to make watching the Games from home a little more fun! Introducing… the Official Sochi 2014 Drinking Game! I’ve come up with 14 rules, because, well, it’s 2014… obviously. Follow these rules, play along, and I guarantee you will have fun watching the Olympics (you just might not remember it…). First, a couple of notes: – In general, this should be done with vodka. Because… RUSSIA. But make...

A Cappella Palooza! Interviews with the stars of the Sing-Off

Boloco, the restaurant chain I do social media marketing for, sponsored an awesome event called A Cappella Palooza, which was a concert with the performers of NBC’s The Sing-Off, to fundraise to cure cancer. Not only was it an amazing concert (I definitely got chills multiple times!), but I got to go to the VIP after party, where I mingled with and interviewed many of the night’s singers! There’s still more interviews from this night that I haven’t edited yet, so keep checking back!